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Why Now is the Best Time to Review Clients’ Risk Management Solutions

Reviewing your clients’ life insurance and annuities may be even more important this year than in past years. Life or health changes, economic or financial shifts, poor performing products—any or all of these may be leaving unintended and unnoticed gaps in coverage. 

What’s different for your clients this year?  

  • The pandemic has made them reconsider long-term care or chronic illness coverage. 
  • Economic changes mean they’ll need additional supplemental retirement income. 
  • They’ve experienced a major life event.  
  • They need to better manage their tax burden in retirement. 
  • They’d like to rethink their charitable plans or change beneficiaries. 


  • It’s been a few years since their last review and they want to know if better options exist.


September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Learn more here.


We want to help you optimize your clients’ risk management solutions. Start by using these life insurance review or annuity review resources to not only open up the conversation but also streamline and simplify the policy or annuity review process.

Then reach out to your Highland Vice President or Sales Representative. We’ll help you conduct a comprehensive policy review by: 

  • Providing guidance, training, and sales tools, and support you need for a successful, comprehensive review.
  • Analyzing a client’s current solution, determining appropriateness for a client’s goals, and pinpointing gaps in coverage.
  • Uncovering newer, potentially lower-cost alternative products. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to optimize your clients’ risk management solutions. Let Highland help you protect their legacies and potentially increase their retirement income through a comprehensive review. 




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