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Deepen relationships. Foster engagement. Develop partnerships.

How We Serve

HighCap Financial is more than a service. It’s the gold standard of Highland partnerships.

HighCap is committed to your success. Our network gives you greater freedom to do what you do best—deliver the most innovative insurance-based solutions to your clients. We focus on providing you exceptional local support and customized tools and resources so that you can focus on what matters most—your clients.


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What We Offer

Led by a National Advisory Board, HighCap Financial provides you affiliation with a national organization—benefiting from all the resources that partnership offers—while still maintaining your independence. As a HighCap member, you can also leverage the expertise of independent producers by networking with other HighCap professionals nationwide.

In addition, HighCap members are offered unparalleled support through access to exclusive sales technology platforms, advanced planning resources, underwriting advocacy, and concierge level of service.

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Relationships & Community

  • Dynamic relationship with your Highland Vice President
  • Invitation to our exclusive HighCap producer meeting
  • Peer networking
  • Unique relationship with Pacific Life
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  • Knowledgeable support to uncover the best strategy, product, carrier, and underwriting considerations
  • Advanced Planning support for customized and innovative solutions
  • Established carrier relationships for expedited processing
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Access & Resources

  • Free online WebCE
  • Exclusive HighCap webinars
  • Leimberg Service Subscription
  • Virtual Sales Assistant Subscription

Meet some members in our network:

“Highland is a think-tank of ideas that helps my business. They provide relevance to my practice. They’ve given me great insight over the years. They’re friends and like family to me. So willing to support, help, and guide.”

— Daniel M. Smith, J.D., CLTC, CFBS, ChSNC

We look forward to partnering with you and committing to your success.