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Broker Contracting FAQs

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How long before I am appointed?

Most carriers process appointments “just-in-time” or when new business has been submitted. Once a carrier is notified that there is new business in-house and receives a contracting request “in good order” (i.e., all supporting documents are included such as license copy, proof of errors and omissions (E&O), voided check, anti-money laundering (AML) certificate, etc.), the contract request can take between 2-14 days to process. Our contracting team will process and submit “in good order” contracting requests to the carrier with new business/pre-appointment/e-Application access situations within 24-48 hours, and contracting requests without new business within 72 hours.

How soon can I get an application dated?

If you have an active license, most states and carriers do not require you to be pre-appointed before an application is signed. In instances where pre-appointment is required, our contracting team will handle these requests on a priority basis. Please note that for annuity appointments, product and state training must be completed before an application is signed and dated. In addition, for life appointments for traditional or hybrid long-term care (LTC) products, state-specific LTC training must be completed and up to date before an application is signed and dated.

What will I need to get my agency or corporation appointed?

An officer or managing member of the agency must complete the online contracting and provide proof of E&O for the firm, life license copy for the firm, and a voided check for direct deposit into the firm’s account. In addition, most carriers require that the agency or corporation hold a corporate license in all the states in which their downline advisors write business.

Is there anything additional needed for an annuity appointment?

Yes, most states have adopted the NAIC Suitability Model Regulation. This means that the agent is required to complete annuity continuing education training, carrier-specific training, and anti-money laundering training prior to the application being dated. Some insurance carriers also require training to be completed regardless of the state where the application is solicited. We have more information available on our annuity training page.

If I am already contracted with a carrier through another brokerage general agency (BGA) or insurance marketing organization (IMO), do I need to complete an appointment through Highland?

Yes, contracting is specific to each BGA/IMO. Most carriers on the life insurance side allow dual appointments so that you can maintain your existing BGA/IMO relationship(s), if you so choose. For the carriers that only allow a single appointment, a release may be required prior to business being submitted.

How do I apply for non-resident state licenses?

For a small fee, you can apply electronically for non-resident licensing on the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR). Most non-resident licenses are approved within 48-72 hours. Learn more and apply online at:

Where can I apply for E&O coverage?

Most carriers require proof of E&O coverage to become contracted with them. The minimum requirement for most carriers is $1 million per claim and $1 million aggregate. There are many E&O carrier options but here are a few we recommend:


If you have any other questions about the broker contracting process, please contact us at (855) HCB-4YOU or (855) 422-4968.