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Podcast: When Health Affects Wealth

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How does client health play into longevity planning?

Listen as Highland’s Longevity Planning experts discuss “When Health Affects Wealth” as part of our Longevity Planning Podcast Series.

Your clients may be wondering how their current health may limit or affect their ability to secure long-term care coverage. You’ll walk away from our second longevity planning podcast, “When Health Affects Wealth,” prepared to address your client’s concerns, as well as how their financial future may be impacted by delayed longevity planning.

Highland Capital Brokerage · When Health Affects Wealth
Michael Arner

Michael Arner

Vice President, Hybrid Long-Term Care Specialist
Advisor Group Advisors

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Nancy Simm

Nancy Simm, CLTC, LTCP, CSA

Director, LTC & Longevity Planning
All Other Advisors

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