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Highland’s Disability Insurance Platform: Dedicated Support

Most clients buy insurance to mitigate risk on their home, auto, and even their life, but they may not be fully protecting their most important asset—their ability to earn.

Disability insurance (DI) is a critical financial safety net and an important part of any holistic plan. Without DI, clients would have to raid assets or savings to cover their financial obligations should a medical event occur, putting their income and retirement plans at risk, and potentially reducing the assets you help them manage.

To help start the DI conversation, we’ve produced engaging resources to not only help you illustrate the benefits of DI for your clients, but also show how DI can help your practice. Case studies, a Why DI playbook, common client profiles, and carrier resources will help you pinpoint the clients who should consider DI as well as ways to open up the DI discussion.

Highland has a dedicated and knowledgeable DI team that provides the expertise, processing support, and advocacy to get cases done expediently and correctly, allowing you to easily deliver holistic, balanced risk management plans for your clients.

Your clients deserve comprehensive income protection for themselves and their families. Contact our DI team to help determine the right solutions for your clients by calling your Highland Vice President or 855.HCB.4YOU.


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