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May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Disability insurance may not be the first type of income protection a client considers, but this critical financial safety net can be an important part of any comprehensive plan by protecting a client's most important asset: the ability to earn.

In celebration of Disability Insurance Awareness Month, we’ve created some client-ready videos to help you open up the disability insurance conversation with your clients. The first of these videos, Disability Insurance, examines why disability insurance is an important consideration of any financial plan.

The Reality of Disability Insurance dives deeper, looking at the probability an individual has of suffering a disability as well as the most common medical conditions that may force disability claims—some of which may be surprising.

Help your clients provide comprehensive income protection for themselves and their families by determining if disability insurance is right for them.

For more information about disability insurance or assistance in determining the right solutions for your clients, reach out to your Highland Vice President or call 855.HCB.4YOU (855.422.4968).


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