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Client Appreciation in a Virtual Reality

Client appreciation events have always been an excellent way to show gratitude to your existing client base, create a loyal community around your practice, and increase referral business. In working with advisors, we've seen a variety of successful events—from a Valentine’s gala for singles, to summer barbeques and carnival rides, to annual family photos with Santa Claus.

When done well, an appreciation event not only shows your existing client base a great time, but it also gives them something to look forward to and makes them proud to invite friends.

Ideally and in normal circumstances, these events are in-person and highly personalized. But what are advisors doing that's working during the pandemic? How can you socially distance but also build a closer community? We've found some virtual ways to have fun with your clients, show your gratitude, and boost referral business.

Six Ideas for Virtual Client Appreciation Events

  1. Wine or beer tasting. Wineries and breweries will ship the tasting sets in advance to your guests’ homes and host the tasting via video meeting.
  2. Masterclass workshop. Learn to cook a special dish or master a series of magic tricks in an interactive training session with your group.
  3. Games and activities. Host an online trivia night or scavenger hunt and reward the winning team(s) with food delivery or other e-certificates.
  4. Escape room. For smaller groups, you can host a puzzle-filled virtual escape room experience.
  5. Comedy hour. Hire a funny and engaging host for a few good laughs—it will be a welcomed stress reliever for your most appreciated clientele.
  6. City tour. Invite your group for a midday escape and travel risk-free on a virtual city tour.

We’ve rounded up everything you need to get started! Click here for a list of virtual event companies, options for various group sizes, and price lists.

Although all of these suggestions require an out-of-pocket cost to you, you can make the most of your session with these marketing tips for premium return on investment.

  • Invite your favorite, most loyal, and most likely to refer-a-friend clientele and ask them to invite a friend to the event.
  • In addition to the hosting company’s registration process, create an event on Facebook, inviting each registrant to join for reminders, updates, and community-building. This will not only increase your attendance rating for the event, but your guests' activity on social media will also be viewable by their connections, increasing your firm’s exposure.
  • Take pictures and screenshots during the event itself. Share on social media to show everyone how much you appreciate your clientele, as well as create anticipation for your next event!

Click here and pick the perfect virtual appreciation event for your clients—both current and prospective. Have fun!


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