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Women Are Ready for Long-Term Care Discussions

October 30, 2019

In your client meetings, which spouse has more influence on decisions? Perhaps you have noticed women are taking an increasingly larger role when couples implement your recommendations.

A survey by LIMRA revealed that women are much more likely to take action than men when it comes to retirement planning. And they are more concerned than men about their financial security risks in retirement (LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute Risk Perceptions study, 2018).

Keep this in mind when discussing long-term care with your clients.


Highland: Your Source for LTC Support 

Long-term care can be a complicated topic. Every product has its own set of variables, and every client has his or her own expectations or concerns.

As the survey above shows, it is key to consistently include long-term care in your retirement planning consultations. And Highland is here to assist you.

Inspire Clients with ‘Tale of Two Women’

Download Now! Illustrate the importance of LTC planning by sharing the Tale of Two Women flyer. This generic branded, client-ready piece is perfect for clients who are considering how they might balance their retirement plans with the potential risk of future health needs. Inspire your clients through the true stories of Marie and Ann, to act today and create a long-term care plan.


Contact our Highland experts with your LTC questions and cases.
Nancy Simm, CLTC, LTCP, CSA
LTC & Longevity Planning Director
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