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Annuity transactions have never been easier with the Annuity Marketplace. Learn more here.

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Highland offers an annuity platform with dedicated and knowledgeable team members who focus on the best strategies and service, all in an effort to uncover opportunities for safe growth and greater guaranteed income.

These resources dive into the benefits of annuities and the end-to-end support Highland’s annuity platform delivers.

Why Annuities?

Annuities help your clients retire in STYLE.

Talking to your clients about annuities

Here are additional resources that may help you jumpstart the conversation.

Annuity Review

Not sure where to begin? Highland’s annuity team is here to help with complimentary annuity reviews.

We are always available to help. Reach out to your Highland representative with questions or contact us at 855.HCB.4YOU or