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Patrick Mulheran serves as Managing Director. Since joining Highland in 2005, he has specialized in estate planning, retirement planning, and business planning strategies that involve the implementation of insurance products. He and his four children reside in Orono, Minn.

Meet the Team

Tom Ellefsen
Tom Ellefsen

Director, Advanced Case Design
P: 317.208.9166


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Rebecca Glaesman

Relationship Case Manager
P: 952.607.3484


Michelle Konsky
Michelle Konsky

VP, Risk Selection & Advocacy
P: 732.718.8495


Beverly Gaddy
Beverly Gaddy

Broker Contracting Analyst
P: 205.263.9277


Michael Lawyer
Michael Lawyer

Director, Commissions Accounting
P: 205.263.9284 ext. 1284


Contact me to learn how my team can help with your planning needs.

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