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Debbie Samuelson

Debbie Samuelson

Director, Skilled Underwriting Advanced Tactics


Debbie Samuelson serves as the Director of Highland’s SWAT Underwriting team. She leverages her industry expertise to strategize on offers, additional requirements, and custom cases to get results for clients. Debbie holistically manages the intake of Highland’s complex and large cases, carefully navigating issues to maximize coverage to exceed the client’s goals. 

Most recently, Debbie was a senior insurance associate at Wells Fargo Advisors, supporting the Wealth Insurance Specialist in the Seattle, Washington and San Diego, California markets. 

Debbie began working for Highland in 2003 as a Case Manager and then became a Concierge for Highland’s HighCap Financial producer group, working on a team that handled complex cases in the Pacific Northwest. Prior to Highland, she worked as a Marketing Consultant for Manulife Financial for 14 years. Debbie has also worked for Guardian Life Insurance, Phoenix Mutual, and Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America. 

Debbie holds a Washington State Insurance & Disability license as well as a FINRA Series 6 (Investment Company and Variable Contracts Products Representative). She is married, has two grown children and two dogs.

About SWAT Underwriting

Highland’s Skilled Underwriting Advanced Tactics (SWAT) Underwriting team has the knowledge, expertise, and platform to drive large life insurance cases from initial submission to completion. They leverage their deep, unsurpassed knowledge of medical and financial underwriting, as well as their broad product acumen, and distinguished advanced planning expertise, to negotiate and secure the most competitive pricing in the market. This talented team of professionally trained underwriters has priority access to insurance company medical directors and third-party medical providers.


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