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Amy Kniseley

Amy Kniseley

Vice President, Distribution Partners
3535 Grandview Pkwy., Ste. 600
Birmingham, Alabama, 35243


Amy Kniseley serves as Vice President, Distribution Partners, expanding Highland’s commitment to comprehensively serve the RIA and IBD community. Amy is a dedicated partner serving RIAs for life and annuity business, delivering valuable 360-degree support through education, collaboration, and implementation. She brings strong advocacy, focused service, actionable strategies, and deep experience to the table to help RIAs and IBDs offer the most comprehensive financial plans to their clients and sharing a fiduciary responsibility to always put clients first. 

Amy prides herself on her integrity, her authentic leadership, and a mindset of “serving clients first.” Her passion and experience in independent distribution provides a unique perspective in helping advisors get the most out of their partnership. There may not be anyone in the industry more excited than Amy about risk management strategies and their application to modern investment and protection theories! 

Amy has extensive experience in the insurance industry where she’s led numerous strategic initiatives. She has spent the last ten years in the distribution channel fine-tuning her skills to further help RIAs and IBDs navigate the complicated world of insurance distribution. 

A native of Wisconsin, Amy enjoys music, watching the Green Bay Packers, and reading for both professional and personal advancement. She currently lives in Waterford, Virginia, with her husband and four children: Luke who is 8, Quinn who is 3, and twins Dominique and Angelique, aged 21 months. 

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