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Alicia Olivas

Alicia Olivas

Product Analysis Specialist and Team & Business Development Associate


Alicia Olivas serves two roles for Highland Capital Brokerage.

As Product Analysis Specialist she’s a supportive resource for all of Highland and a member of the Advanced Planning team, helping to develop and refine Highland’s marketing resources and tools.

As a Business Development Associate, she has over 30 years of experience, originally joining the R.E. Lee Group in Seattle, WA. She is Life and Health licensed and continues self study to improve her knowledge base.

Alicia is the insurance product technician. She provides solutions for a wide range of case scenarios that address clients’ planning needs. These case scenarios include carrier, concept and product applications. Her goal is to create customized solutions that are well thought-out and designed in a manner that is easily understood by producers and advisors so they can present the information to their clients with confidence. 

Alicia grew up in San Clemente, California, attended the University of Washington and now resides near Seattle, Washington. Her personal interests and activities include quilting, sewing, attending concerts with her husband, gardening, hiking with her Vizsla and spending time with her family that includes three grandsons.


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