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Commission Accounting

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For all commissions related questions and/or inquiries, please send an email providing as much detail as possible to

Jonathan Dunn
Director of Commission Accounting
(205) 263-9245

Michael Lawyer
Manager of Commission Accounting
(205) 263-9284

Leigh Moore
Senior Compensation Analyst, Technical Lead
(205) 263-9246

Field Office Commission Accountants

Jonathan Babcock
Annuity Commission Accountant, Team Lead
(205) 263-9280

Asia Ford (CC Jonathan Babcock)
Annuity Commission Accountant
(205) 263-9260

Adrian Crosby
Commission Accountant
(205) 263-9282

Ashley Rainey (CC Jonathan Dunn)
Commission Accountant
(205) 263-9214

Cheryl Sturdivant
Commission Accountant
(205) 263-9244

Accounts Receivable

Kerry Faulkner
Senior Commission Accountant – A/R
(205) 263-9207

Austin Hodge
Commission Accountant – A/R
(205) 263-9239