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Peggy Richardson

Head of Risk Management Consulting Team


As Head of the Risk Management Consulting Team (RMC) at Highland Capital Brokerage, Peggy Richardson champions a mission that is nothing short of transformative – creating an unparalleled and aligned customer experience, while expertly crafting solutions that mitigate risk in retirement through the strategic implementation of annuities, life, longevity, and disability insurance.

At the helm of the RMC, Richardson’s invaluable guidance empowers her team to forge robust and meaningful relationships with their producers. Her vision extends beyond merely providing superior products, strategies, and marketing to the field – her team is deeply committed to forging true partnerships with advisors, sharing in the common pursuit of business growth and prosperity within the financial services industry.

A fervent belief in the power of perseverance and hard work has marked Richardson’s remarkable journey. Her unyielding dedication to helping others and her insatiable thirst for knowledge have been the cornerstones of her success. She embodies the spirit of lifelong learning and places it at the heart of her accomplishments.

Richardson’s influence extends well beyond her professional realm. She is a proud founding member of Chief, DC, a groundbreaking private network designed to amplify the presence of women in positions of power and ensure their sustained impact. This exclusive organization is a testament to Richardson’s dedication to fostering change from the top down, as she works alongside senior women leaders to cross-pollinate ideas across industries and shape a future of inclusivity and progress.

A devoted mother, Richardson finds her greatest inspiration in her daughter, who is at the center of her world. In her rare leisure moments, Richardson’s adventurous spirit finds its outlet on the trails. An avid trail runner, she has embraced the challenges of ultramarathons with infectious enthusiasm. This passion mirrors her approach to her career and personal life – pushing boundaries, embracing challenges, and relishing every step of the journey. 


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