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Peggy Richardson

Managing Director, Signature Annuity
3535 Grandview Pkwy., Ste. 600
Birmingham, Alabama, 35243


Peggy Richardson currently serves as Managing Director, Signature Annuity, for Highland Capital Brokerage. Peggy started her journey in the financial industry as a wholesaler in 2009 and soon became one of the top senior wholesaling partners in the nation. She believes that her success is the result of perseverance and hard work, driven by her passion for helping others and her desire to never stop learning. As a leader of the annuity sales team, Peggy offers abundant knowledge and expertise, and supports the sales team in building strong and deep relationships with their producers. Her aim is to not only bring superior products, strategy, and marketing to the field, but to truly partner with advisors, sharing the common goal of growing their respective businesses and prospering in the financial services industry.

When Peggy is not brainstorming with her work family, she’s spending time with her husband, Joshua, her beautiful little girl, Seren, and their two dogs, Atari and Tendo. In Peggy’s downtime, you can find her and her family exploring the outdoors, whether it’s hiking or biking through the mountains, kayaking down the Opequon Creek, or soaking up the sun at their home in West Virginia. If you want to get Peggy talking, simply ask her about her daughter, the book she’s reading, or the home project she’s currently working on.

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