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Eli Santana

Vice President, Signature Life
1311 S. Howard Ave.
Tampa, Florida, 33606


Eli serves as Vice President for Highland Capital Brokerage in Central and South Florida. He focuses on developing and maintaining profitable relationships with institutions and independent financial professionals by providing advanced sales strategies for life insurance, long-term care, and disability income products.

As a true believer in the importance of financial planning and independence, Eli empowers financial and insurance professionals to provide stability for their clients’ financial plans with life insurance.

He is results-driven and thrives in a fast-paced environment.  He has always been a self-starter with the ability to handle multiple tasks in stressful situations while maintaining a high degree of accuracy and a professional, courteous demeanor. Eli has more than 11 years of experience in the financial services industry.

Before joining Highland Capital Brokerage, Eli worked as a Regional Marketing Director and Director of Financial Services for two insurance companies.  In these roles, he worked in partnership with independent advisors and insurance professionals to assist with marketing strategies, provide strategic counseling, case design, and innovative sales concepts to help effectively boost revenue by introducing insurance product strategies to their practice.  Given his experience in the Foreign National space, he’s acquired expertise in premium finance and other relevant markets. 

Eli also has brokerage and point-of-sale experience from an independent BGA specializing in the Foreign National market, general independent business, and as a carrier wholesaler. 

Eli leads with a tremendously enthusiastic attitude. Eli enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures and he is skilled in multiple languages. Eli speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

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