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Podcast: The Reality of EHRs

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Electronic health records (EHR) have been receiving a fair amount of buzz in the underwriting world. A more efficient –and contactless—way to procure medical records, the growing popularity of EHRs has been further spurred by COVID-19 limitations on face-to-face exams.

But are electronic records really underwriting’s holy grail? Can they wholly replace attending physician statements (APSs) or paramedical exams? Or are there limitations to their applications?

Highland’s podcast, “The Reality of EHRs”, answers all of these questions by exploring the current state and future viability of EHRs as a replacement for APSs or parameds. Listen as Joann Mattson, Vice President, Strategy and Business Consulting, and Bob Brookie, Assistant Vice President of Underwriting, break down the advantages, disadvantages, and realities of this promising yet still nascent data collection protocol.

Highland Capital Brokerage · The Reality of Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
Joann Mattson

Joann Mattson, FLMI, AALU

Vice President, Strategy and Business Consulting

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Bob Brookie

Robert Brookie

Assistant Vice President, Underwriting

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