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Longevity Planning: Breaking Down Long-Term Care for Clients

As you continue reaching out to clients virtually, it’s important to provide information that is easy for them to access, understand, and apply to their own financial situations and objectives.

Highland is here to help. We’ve produced two videos for you to share with clients to open up the long-term care discussion—even remotely—and help them understand some basics about available options and products.

The first client-ready video in this series, “Breaking it Down: The Basics of Long-Term Care Insurance,” shares some the primary differences between the two types of benefit disbursements.


Breaking it Down: Indemnity vs. Reimbursement


Download and share this video with your clients to start the conversation about how long-term care insurance can help protect retirement assets from unexpected medical events. If they have further questions, use the client-ready resources in our Protecting Your Client's Retirement through Longevity Planning: Marketing Resource Guide to help clients determine the best options for them.

Questions? Please visit our website at, or contact your Highland Vice President.

STAY TUNED for the second video in this series, “Breaking it Down: Long-Term Care Planning Options,” which focuses on the key benefits of the three primary types of long-term care coverage.


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