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How to Run Lead-Generating Webinars

As we all adapt to our new normal, many of the ways that we attract and convert prospective clients—such as educational workshops, seminar dinners, or face-to-face meetings—are suddenly off the table.

But social distancing doesn’t mean you have no way to engage potential clients. In fact, getting in front of prospects now via well-run webinars is key to moving your business forward.

“4 Steps to a Lead-Generating Webinar” and our companion “How to Run a Webinar: Getting Started Guide” provides everything you need to transition your practice from in-person settings to digital outreach.

These resources lay out how to create a successful webinar and walk you through the process:

  • organizing a presentation that engages and converts
  • selecting the best webinar equipment and tools
  • writing promotional scripts
  • laying out a seven-day action plan

Social distancing doesn’t have to put your practice on hold. Respond by adapting and adjusting how you reach prospective business. Click on the above links to start planning your next lead-generating approach today.


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