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HCB COVID-19 Updates

We’re Open for Business and Here to Help!

HCB is continuing operations but has established a Work from Home requirement for all nonessential staff. All our operational and sales resources are available and able to provide you the services you have come to expect from Highland Capital Brokerage.

EFT/Wire Transfers Recommended for Premium Payments

Due to reduced and/or intermittent staffing in the local offices of Highland Capital Brokerage, we strongly recommend using EFT/Wire transfer when possible for premium payment at this time. Please coordinate with your HCB Case Manager on this interim process or alternate premium payment options if this is not viable.

Sign up for ACH Commissions

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an easy and efficient way to receive commission payments. We recommend agents sign up for ACH commissions to alleviate the issues associated with manual handling during this time. Direct deposit will be transferred to your bank within 2-5 business days. Click here for more information.

New Business

Please scan or email all applications to Send any additional requirements to your Case Manager via email. This will allow us to handle your cases as quickly and efficiently as possible.


E-Applications can provide a way to transact business – click to learn more about HCB’s EasyLife.

HCB Operational Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Click here for Highland’s SLAs, which are being monitored and updated based on the impacts COVID-19 is having on our business. Highland continues to monitor the influence on our ability to execute our pledge to our customers, with almost all of its workforce working remotely. Necessary adjustments have and will continue to be made to the SLAs to ensure that where there is bearing, it is communicated and deliverables are updated accordingly.



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