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A Letter from Highland's CEO

These are unprecedented times. Almost daily, our society is dealing with new disruptions and unanticipated challenges. But in spite of this unsettled and anxious environment, there is a silver lining. As a society, we are working together to protect and support those who need it most. It’s a commitment that we in the industry make every day to our clients.

At Highland, we understand that this current uncertainty may disrupt how you typically conduct business. But now more than ever, we need to find new ways to communicate with our clients. Their unease over COVID-19—and the market volatility caused by the virus’ spread—needs reassurance of our commitment to them and their respective financial objectives.

Highland is here to support that commitment. As we anticipate and adjust to governmental recommendations, Highland has put in place new business protocols to ensure that we protect our employees while still providing the high level of service and support that you expect.

We also understand the near-constant updates on the virus’ impact can be overwhelming. To ease that, we’re providing an aggregated source of business continuity information through our new microsite, which will include all Highland-specific continuity communications, industry and carrier updates, as well as resources to help you build meaningful client relationships regardless of the physical distance.

The next few weeks will be challenging. But be assured that we at Highland are doing everything we can to minimize uncertainty for you and your clients and keep your business moving forward.


Jim Gelder
CEO, Highland Capital Brokerage


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